Free WordPress Website for MSMEs

We help registered micro, small and medium enterprises who want to have an online presence by providing free WordPress website development service paired with startup e-commerce strategy. Unlike paid website development providers, we charge absolutely zero fees and even give premium themes and resources.

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What You Get

E-Commerce Store

We’ll develop your website made using WordPress with e-commerce functionality. We’ll customize the website to suit your requirements and branding.

E-Commerce Strategy

Owning an e-commerce website does not mean you’ll win in the e-commerce wars. We’ll throw in an e-commerce strategy you can implement for your business. 

E-Commerce Training

Don’t expect us to maintain and manage the website. Instead, we’ll teach you how to use this weapon by teaching you while we are developing the website. 

Why We're Doing This

COVID-19 accelerated the urgent need for digital transformation. Without the capability to market and sell online on their own platform, MSMEs will have a hard time adopting to the new normal.  

We don’t want micro and small businesses folding. 

Filipinos are aware of the need to adopt digitally. Yet, few are able to execute due to financial constraints. With the difficulties caused by the Enhanced Community Quarantine, executing plans to have an e-commerce website and a digital strategy became even harder.  

 With restrictions to open physical stores won’t go away soon, e-commerce is our only option.

Thus, we are offering our expertise to help MSMEs by providing e-commerce website development service paired with an e-commerce strategy. We’ll not just give customized websites and strategy, we’ll even teach you how to manage the website and execute the strategy we’ll turnover. 

We won't provide everything.
You need to collaborate to make this work.

How We Will Collaborate

What We Need


We can’t build your website without the content needed to populate it. You need to provide us with the business logo, business information, product or service images and description.  

👉Domain and Hosting

You business should purchase a domain and hosting service. We don’t sell these services and you need to select from the numerous providers out there. Expected costs starts at 2,350 up to 25,000 per year.

👉Business Registration

We will only develop e-commerce websites for the DTI/SEC and BIR registered businesses.

What to Expect

Online Meetings 👈

Expect to meet online. We need to get your requirements so that we can customize your website based on your specifications. 

Planning Sessions 👈

On the online meetings, expect questions about your business. In case you want a strategic plan, we will offer our expertise in strategic planning to navigate your way to your business vision.

Integration of Existing Platforms 👈

We will integrate your existing digital marketing platforms particularly Facebook Page and Instagram into the website. We will also help you apply for Google Business in case you don’t have one. 

Who Are the People Behind This

CrusadeHero consists of volunteers led by RM Nisperos who all intend to help the Philippine MSMEs transform digitally through e-commerce. 

Ramon Manuel T. Nisperos, MBA is a course coordinator and senior lecturer at the University of the Philippines Open University teaching entrepreneurship and e-commerce.  

This list will be updated for volunteers who want to get published

Be a Hero @ CrusadeHero

We are open for volunteers to help build websites for MSMEs.  

If you are a student who want to learn WordPress website development, we have the space for you ! Help us speed up the website development process. We’ll guide you on how you can help and at the same time learn how to build e-commerce websites based on WordPress. 

If you are an expert in any expertise related to website development, design and digital marketing, please volunteer so that you can help our Philippine MSMEs. This way, all volunteers can also learn from each other and improve our craft.