CrusadeHero fights for a better us – a better world where your problems are solved.


“We wanted to make a difference, not only for ourselves but more importantly for everyone else”

– RM Nisperos, Crusade Hero Founder

We believe that we can make a difference. We had our share of personal problems that needed answers. Our dilemma: we can’t solve it ourselves. We need help from the world, from you.
We developed CrusadeHero as a platform to find answers for our own problems- find the better us. What we had in mind are spirits of collaboration (helping each other out) and charity (helping without asking anything). We always believe there is good in everyone.

Now, we share CrusadeHero as a platform to solve your personal problems. We urge you to be the hero of your own crusade. We urge you to search for answers and truth – your crusade.


People Without Powers Yet Wanting to Save the World through Crusades


RM Nisperos