What is CrusadeHero?

CrusadeHero is a funding and problem-solving platform for personal causes. Everything from missing persons to solving difficult problems. CrusadeHero is full of socially relevant crusades that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you!

What are CrusadeHero basics?

A “crusade” is a finite work with a clear personal issue that you’d like to be answered. Think missing family members or just simply answers to personal problems.

A “crusader” is the person or family behind the crusade, working to bring it to life.

The reward goal is the amount of money that a crusader needs to reward people that helped them in solving their crusades.

Funding on CrusadeHero is flexible. 

Backers or “Heroes” are folks who pledge donations to help crusaders in their personal crusades.

Rewards are a chance’s chance to increase the chances of crusades being solved. Typically, these are one-of-a-kind social mentions, customized thank you letters or certificate of charity.

How does CrusadeHero work?

Thousands of crusades are hosted on CrusadeHero at any given moment. Each crusade is independently created and crafted by the Crusader behind it. The Crusaders you see on CrusadeHero have complete control and responsibility over their Crusades. They spend weeks, months and years seeking answers to their complex personal problems. When they feel ready, a Crusader can launch their Crusades on the CrusadeHero to solve their problems and share it the world which has all the answers.

Every Crusader sets their Crusade’s reward goal. If Heroes like the Crusade or Heroes want to help people, they can donate money to increase the Crusade’s bounty.

What is CrusadeHero for?

Everything on CrusadeHero are personal causes and advocacy to fight sadness.

CrusadeHero does not allow projects to fundraise for business or offer financial incentives. CrusadeHero is a platform to make the world better, to make people solve issues on self-actualization and belongingness.

Where do Crusades come from?

Crusades on CrusadeHero come from people who want their personal causes and/or problems solved. Every crusade is a problem and is something that someone wants to be solved.

If you’ve got a problem you think is perfect for CrusadeHero, be a Crusader now and check out our Create page to get started.

Why do people donate to Crusades?

Many Heroes or backers are rallying around their families’ and friends’ personal crusade. All people have the Hero in them that want to other people succeed.

Backing a Crusade and being a Hero is more than just pledging donations to a Crusader. It’s showing your heroism of helping people and make you a catalyst for change in this world full of problems. Be the hero, Explore crusades now!

Where do backers (heroes) come from?

The majority of initial funding usually comes from family and friends of every Crusader. If they like it, they’ll spread the word to their friends, and so on. Press, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and CrusadeHero itself are also big sources of traffic and pledges.

What are the fees?

If a Crusade is successfully solved, CrusadeHero applies a 1.5% fee for the funds collected to be given to Hero who helped the crusade the most (as determined by the Crusader). Our payments processor will also apply payment processing fees (roughly 3.5%). The total 5% processing fee is deducted to the amount to be rewarded. If Crusade isn’t successful, there are no fees.

Who is CrusadeHero?

We are an independent company based in Los Banos, Philippines. We spend our time improving the site, answering questions from Heroes and Crusaders, and finding great new improvements to share with you. Every day is a chance to make the world though helping people succeed — we get to experience people problems solved! Say hello or come work with us!